Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sorry... It's been a long long time.

I'm now working at Disney Studios in Burbank and have been super busy. I finally have found some free time to update my blog. I wanted to share with you some stuff that I did a little while ago. I did these illustrations based on a poem that my daughter used to love reading when she was younger. Enjoy!

Oh, Teddy Bear, dear Teddy, 
though you're gone these many years, 
I recall with deep affection 
how I nibbled on your ears, 
I can hardly keep from smiling, 
and my heart beats fast and glows, 
when I think about the morning 
that I twisted off your nose. 

Teddy Bear, you didn't whimper, 
Teddy Bear, you didn't pout, 
when I reached in with my fingers 
and tore your tummy out, 
and you didn't even mumble 
or emit the faintest cries, 
when I pulled your little paws off, 
when I bit your button eyes. 

Yes, you sat beside me calmly, 
and you didn't once protest, 
when I ripped apart the stuffing 
that was packed inside your chest, 
and you didn't seem to notice 
when I yanked out all your hair- 
it's been ages since I've seen you, 
but I miss you Teddy Bear. 

From The New Kid on the Block, poems by Jack Prelutsky, published by Greenwillow, 1984.